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Energy Monitoring: An Unexpected Benefit
Welcome to the Energy Metrics Blog

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New rebates and tax credits are now available saving you up to 50% on your energy-saving improvements.

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Services and Prices

Home Energy Audit

The Home Energy Audit includes an interior and exterior walkthrough with thermal imaging of any problem areas, a blower door test, and a report including test results and recommendations for upgrades and improvements that will save you money.  This includes buildings up to 3000 sqft.

Price: $250

Small Business Energy Audit

Our Small Business Audit is applicable for small businesses with an area up to 5000 sqft. The audit includes an interior and exterior walk through with a thermal camera, and a report detailing any problem spots where an improvement would save you money.

Price: $550

Basic Weatherization

Basic Weatherization includes sealing your building to prevent heat loss and air infiltration. We seal problem areas with caulk, spray foam, and weatherstripping.

Price: Based on scope of work

Energy Design Consulting

If you're designing a new building or retrofitting an old one, we can help you include energy considerations in your design, both to make your project greener and to save money on energy costs. Designing with energy considerations in mind often adds no cost to the project while contributing to considerable lifecycle savings.

Price: $125/hour

Energy Monitoring Systems

If you have a need to monitor your energy use, automate energy saving measures, or even control your energy use remotely, we can help you decide which energy monitoring system is best for your needs and help you install it.

Price: Based on scope of work

Contractor Management

If you decide to go through with any of the energy improvements that we recommend, we will help you find reliable contractors and manage the project from start to finish, including obtaining applicable permits, interfacing with contractors and inspectors, and assuring that work is done in a timely and high-quality manner.

Price: Based on scope of work

Combustion Appliance Safety Test

Price: $150

Thermal Imaging

Our Thermal Imaging analysis includes an interior and exterior inspection with a thermal imaging camera and a report detailing problem areas and improvement options.  This includes buildings up to 3000 sqft.

Price: $150

Blower Door Test

Our Blower Door Test includes an interior walkthrough with the blower door operating and a report with the test results.

Price: $150