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Energy Monitoring: An Unexpected Benefit
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New rebates and tax credits are now available saving you up to 50% on your energy-saving improvements.

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Home Energy Audit

Basic Home Energy Audit

Our basic home energy audit entails an interior and exterior walkthrough including thermal imaging, and a report detailing areas where you could save money. The walkthrough is the most critical part of an audit and often exposes inefficiencies that the most sophisticated instruments wouldn't detect.

Comprehensive Home Energy Audit

Our comprehensive home energy audit can be broken down into five different areas: visual inspection, combustion appliance safety, air infiltration, thermal imaging, and data analysis.

Visual inspection:
This entails an interior and exterior walkthrough to identify energy inefficiencies in your home.

Combustion Safety:
During this part of the audit, we check all of your combustion appliances for correct draft (exit up the exhaust flue), spillage of any exhaust gases (exhaust leaking into the surrounding area), and carbon monoxide content in ambient air and in the exhaust fumes.

Air Infiltration:
In this part of the audit we use a blower door to depressurize your home. This depressurization sucks air in through all the holes in your building's envelope and lets us identify the location of those holes so they can be repaired.

Thermal Imaging:
Thermal imaging entails inspecting all your exterior walls with a thermal camera. The thermal camera lets us see where hot air is being lost, where cold air is coming in, and where there's a lack of insulation.

Data Analysis:
Once we have collected all the data from the tests on your home, we will determine your home's level of energy efficiency, and supply you with a report detailing where we recommend you make improvements.