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Saving Our Environment

It is a commonly held belief that our planet is warming, and whether human-produced carbon emissions caused the problem or not, they are clearly making the problem worse. Almost all of our energy is currently produced by burning fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, coal, etc.), and the combustion of these fuels creates carbon dioxide as a byproduct. The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere then acts like a greenhouse and traps the heat that was generated from sunlight. Hence the term "greenhouse effect".

There are two major solutions to this problem. First, we can reduce our consumption of fossil fuels by changing our habits and using our energy more efficiently. This could mean anything from riding a bike to work, to buying a more fuel efficient furnace, to adding insulation to your home. It may seem like your contribution to reducing carbon emissions is insignificant, but if everyone participates, our fossil fuel consumption will be cut drastically. And the fact that it also saves you money makes energy conservation a no-brainer.

The second way we can reduce the greenhouse effect is to use energy sources that don't create carbon dioxide as a byproduct. These include solar, wind, geothermal and nuclear, but there are many more new technologies currently being developed. Any way you look at it, these are the future sources of energy for our planet, and the sooner we migrate from fossil fuels to these new technologies the better off we will be. In recent years the costs of utilizing renewable energy sources have come way down, so it is now possible and economically feasible to install many of them in your own home or business.