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Energy Monitoring: An Unexpected Benefit
Welcome to the Energy Metrics Blog

Rebates/Tax Credits

New rebates and tax credits are now available saving you up to 50% on your energy-saving improvements.

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Comprehensive Small Business Energy Audit

Small businesses have the potential to save a substantial amount on energy costs. Since businesses typically use much more energy than homes, the savings from making even minor improvements are drastic. Additionaly, small businesses are in a better position to utilize renewable technologies like wind and solar.

Our small business energy audit will pinpoint the areas in your business space that can save you the most. We will also outline renewable energy options that will save your business a substancial amount over the life cycle of the product.

Our audit will include a walkthrough, a blower door test (if applicable), thermal imaging, and a detailed report outlining various strategies to lower your energy usage. If you are interested in pursuing renewable energy options, we will help you decide which is best for your business and help you secure all the government incentives available.